• Carsten

This castle fit for a King is now for sale

This French video documentary produced by Jean-Charles Pizolatto briefly relates the visit of Louis XIII to the château in the summer of 1621. It was no vacation. He came with his armies to overthrow the Protestant stronghold of Montauban. After three months of siege, his campaign failed. The brave hearts of Occitania proved too daunting a challenge for his beleaguered troops, plagued on top of all with an epidemic of scarlet fever.

Still, he left his mark on the castle. Legend has it that the numerous Italian-style prudently erotic paintings based on scenes from Ovid were commissioned for his good humor. They have lost a bit of their shine 400 years later, but have been listed as historical artifacts belonging to the château. Their restoration can most likely be subsidized by the state.

Louis XIII was not the first king and by no means the only famous person to visit the château, even though his visit is the only one that documented beyond doubt.

The first king on record was Louix XI, who stopped over in 1463 on his way to meet the King of Aragon, from whom he would obtain the territories of Cerdagne and Roussillon.

In 1542, François 1er made a visit to Piquecos on his way to defend Perpignan, which proved more than he could handle. Antoine de Lettes de Montpezat, the owner of the château at the time, was a friend of the king and the governor of Languedoc.

Those were the kings who made their mark on the Château de Piquecos that now awaits the return of some new king. Could that be you?

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