• Carsten

The tranquil glory of Paris confined

In Paris the world is contained,

As in the palm of your hand,

As in the call of your heart.

Look upon her now,

in the morning light,


La Seine is softly, silently calling,

beneath a hushed murmur of longing.

The lilies and lilacs are in bloom,

while are hearts seem heavy with doom,

as we sit in doubt...


There are bridges, bifurcations,

beckoning us toward the potential

Of a new day rising.

Yet in fear of that crossing,

we stand our sunken ground,


We want others to make the first step,

and show us the trodden path of truth,

And so we wait upon the world...


Heavy and ripe is our reality.

Let us awaken a new tonality.

Raise up your singular voice

from its silence, suspended.

No longer shall you merely sing along.

You must now find your own song.

For it is on you alone that the world

has been waiting...


Read more here about the background of this production by Paris-Sharing.com CEO, Carsten Sprotte.