• Carsten

My Best and Final Wishes for 2021

Dear Paris-Sharing Clients, Dear ParisLaLa Readers,

Let us herald in this new year fully aware of its challenges, but confident also in its promises.

The pandemic has been devastating for many individuals, but also for small companies that provide their livelihood. As founder and CEO of Paris-Sharing.com, it is not without sadness that I must now announce that we are no longer able to continue our short-term booking service. What began as an Airbnb alternative a decade ago will now be put to rest. In truth, our activity was already wiped out by the enforcement of anti-Airbnb regulations in Paris. With the closing of international borders in 2020, there was no longer a single customer to welcome. We must accept that the end has come.

For all of those reading who were customers at some point during the past decade, we send our final heartfelt thanks, and hope that you will be able to return soon to the City of Lights.

As for myself, and as much as I have loved sharing Paris with you, I will be taking my leave from it. As a result of the 2020 lockdowns, I have learned that when one has to choose, nature is more vital than culture. For this reason, my next project is to offer stays in the beautiful French countryside in eco-exemplary homes. Learn more at the Light House. As for my love affair with Paris and French culture, I had endeavored to capture it in a book called EXQUISITE: Facets of my France, now available on my personal website at www.carstensprotte.com/books.

I hope that we at Paris-Sharing.com left you with positive memories of Paris, and I thank you again for having made my own journey one that I will not regret.