• Carsten Sprotte

Famous Bridges: Bir-Hakeim from 1900 to 'Inception'

The bridges of Paris span the Seine as they cross over century after century. The double-deck Bir-Hakeim bridge re-connects us with the belle époque and its art nouveau, with elegant Eiffel iron columns and lamps that hang like droplets. Originally called the Passy viaduc, the bridge was renamed in honor of a military victory against General Romel. So striking its style, the bridge has been featured in numerous movies : « Zazie dans le métro » by Louis Malle (1960), « Dernier tango à Paris » (1972) by Bernardo Bertolucci with Marlon Brando, de « Peur sur la ville » by Henri Verneuil (1975). It also appeared in « Frantic » by Roman Polanski (1988), in « Jet Set » by Fabien Onteniente (2000), and most recently in "Inception" by Christopher Nolan.

As well, it is immensely popular for a wedding photos location and it can resemble a veritable "wedding boulevard" on some afternoons, with several shoots going on at the same time.

It's the only bridge that offers you four means of crossing: foot, bike, automobile, or metro. For that matter, if you were to only take the metro once in Paris, this would be the place to take it. Leaving from the left-bank and arriving in the neighborhood of Passy, it is as if you are flying into a citadel, with the two tower domes of the prestigious apartment buildings on each side. In the opposite direction, your view is drawn to the Eiffel tower.

The bridge crosses over the upstream tip of the Ile des Cygnes, from where you can sit for a while and admire one of the best views of the Eiffel tower (although there is lots of competition for that). If you can spare 20 minutes while walking across the bridge, take a stroll down the half-mile long tree-lined island to the Statue of Liberty (original version).

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