Remember Airbnb, the early days? That was how Paris-Sharing began, introducing the idea of “home sharing” to Parisians before Airbnb took over the world.

Now that the concept of “collaborative consumption” has matured, Paris-Sharing has morphed into a high-end collection of places to stay, offered by hospitality professionals rather than people just wanting to make a buck on an extra room. Moving forward, Paris-Sharing is every bit as much about “sharing” -- focused now on your entire experience. Your stay in Paris is really more than just a place to stay, isn’t it?

As we move to introduce new services for you to “stay enchanté,” we are delighted to have you tune into our unique perspective on Paris...music, sights, sounds, eats, culture and insights on life here. 

What used to be simply called the Paris-Sharing blog has been re-baptized “Paris la la” It’s rather whimsical, but anyone who sings knows about fa la la and anyone curious of the French has heard of ooh la la. In French there is also the expression "donner le la" which is equivalent in English to setting the tone. “La” is the note to which the orchestra tunes itself.

So there you go, it’s our take on Paris. We hope you like it!


Carsten Sprotte - Founder of Paris-Sharing.com
Carsten Sprotte, Founder of Paris Sharing